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Structural Framing Repairs, Roof Repairs & More

The area in which we excel and can deliver the best value is in condo repair and commercial building repair in Ottawa and surrounding areas. We serve as a contractor to condo boards, property managers and engineering firms in Ottawa and around Eastern Ontario. From extended repair work to remodeling and new construction, our expertise in quality construction work as well as experience and insight for condos and commercial properties gives you the right mix for the best quality results. If you serve on a condo board and have needs in the immediate future or longer term for repair or renovation, talk to Liberty about how we can deliver quality work that’s on budget and on time. For property managers of Ottawa condos and commercial buildings / properties, we’re best equipped to understand the requirements and scope of the work you need done, both ongoing maintenance and improvements as well as one-off repairs and projects.

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Ottawa’s Leading General Contractors

Serving as a general contractor for dozens of condo and commercial projects in Ottawa and nearby areas, LCG has developed a level of knowledge and insight specific to the unique needs of these structures and properties. We understand that condo boards, property managers and engineering firms have a mandate and set of constraints that are different from the individual homeowner. At Liberty, we’re able to take our experience as general contractors for home renovations and repairs, including an unparalleled attention to detail and dedication to quality, and translate that to broader scale work for extensive repairs, renovation and even new construction for Ottawa condos and commercial buildings. From structural repairs and improvements to extend the lifetime and strengthen the quality of the condo or commercial property to cosmetic repairs and renovations that catch the public eye, count on Liberty Contracting Group for your ongoing needs for a general contractor in Ottawa. Talk to us today to find out more.